Amino Acid Information

  1. General information
    Chemical structures IUPAC naming convention
    Protecting groups Protecting groups (by amino acid)
    Solvent accessibility Post-translation modifications
  2. Suggested amino acid substitutions
    for solvent exposed residues for interior residues
    based on the Dayhoff matrix the PAM250 matrix
    scoring matrix comparison
  3. Physico-Chemical properties
    Chemical classifications Hydrophobicity scales
    Residue volume, area and pKa Solubility, density and pI
  4. Structural properties
    Peptide bond geometry Chou-Fasman parameters
    Bond angles Residue hydrogen bonding
  5. Genetic properties
    The genetic code Genetic code (non-cannonical)
    Mutation mass shifts Nucleotide naming conventions
  6. References
  7. Authors

1996 Ronald C. Beavis